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Planner Knows Best

Planning a wedding, party, or celebration can be exhausting and overwhelming when it is added to your other daily stressors! Here at Victoria Belle Events, we believe that an event is best planned when a team of planners can configure all of the tedious details, and you can relax and focus on the fun stuff! Here are our top five reasons why you should use a planner on your next big event!

1: A stress free process and event!

As you have probably heard, planning a wedding or party can be extremely overwhelming. If you do not plan events often, the process can become very challenging! A planner will be able to lay out the whole process and keep all of the checklist items on budget and on time. From picking a venue to keeping track of RSVPs, a planner

will do all of the work and relay the information to you! Planners also offer day-of services where they will coordinate with vendors and set up. A planner will give you a smooth planning process as well as a relaxing day-of!

2: Trusted Vendors!

Experienced planners have a long list of vendors like photographers, caterers, makeup/hair stylists, florists, and so many more! This will ensure you that you will be getting trusted and experienced vendors, as the planner will provide you with photos and options to see what your vision is! Not having to search around for vendors will expedite your planning process immensely.

3: Communication.

Rather than emailing back and forth with vendors and venues over a multitude of details, your planner will be all vendors' main point of contact! Planners will communicate all needs, details, and changes with the vendors and update you along the way! If you have any requests, you simply have to contact your planner and he or she will communicate your needs with the vendors!

4: Staying on budget and on time.

Having an event planner will keep you on time and on budget throughout the process. Your planner will draw you up a detailed schedule and budget plan that will be updated throughout the process. Experienced planners can get you great vendors, invitations, favors, and anything else you need for your event while staying on budget! You also will be right on track with time! Planners often have a checklist of event items for the clients to complete! This allows you to relax, knowing that you will not miss a beat!

5: You will never be alone!

Your event planner truly cares about you! Planners want nothing more than their clients to be ecstatic on the day of their event! That being said, you will always have someone who is on the same page as you! Your planner will continuously check up on you to see if you need anything and is willing to go the extra mile for you every time. Getting a wedding planner is not only about organization, it is also about having a friend who you can trust has your best interest in mind!

Are you convinced yet? Hiring a planner will allow you to have a great time at your event! The planner will make it so you do not have to stress over details before and during your party, wedding, or shower! Now that you are convinced a planner is the best way to go, call Victoria Belle Events for all of your event planning needs! We will always put you and your needs first!

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