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Tips to help you plan your wedding in 2023!

As a wedding planning company, we know how hard it is to prepare for a wedding. Dealing with invitations, favors, decor, themes, color pallets, and making your vision come to life is just the beginning of this process. Scheduling vendors for food, venue, flowers, cake, music, and any other specialties can become tiring as you are always in communication, making so many decisions. The Victoria Belle Events team wants to share some tips on how you can plan your wedding in peace!

1st: Get down to the basics:

When you decide to start planning for your wedding, the first point you want to focus on is how many people will be joining you and your partner on this special day. The amount of guest you have will be the deciding factor on many of you wedding planning decisions. This will allow you to think about how big or small of a venue you need, how much food you will need, and how many invitations you need. This is a good start because you will be able to start thinking about your budget according to the amount of guests you will be having!

2nd: Design, theme, decor:

What does your dream wedding look like? Before you pick a venue and vendors, think about how you really want your wedding to look. Find your style by creating a mood board like this:

Begin looking for items that you want to use as decor. This could be vases, center pieces, signs, DIY projects, or whatever you want! Take the decor slow, but start early so you can find exactly what you love.

3nd: Vendors, vendors, vendors:

Now that you have thought about your guest and theme

, you need to get started on vendors! If you are not using a wedding planner, the venue is your first stop! Set a day where you and your partner can go tour venues and see the pricing of each. Pay attention to how much room the venue has and ask questions about your guest count to make sure the venue is the right size for your event. Some venues have preferred vendors, so take this into consideration on your visits! After you have the perfect venue, make a checklist of everything you need to do in preparation for your wedding!

It may look something like this:

Now you can visualize all of the vendors that you will need for your event and you can check them off as you book them! At Victoria Belle Events, we prefer for you to start your day early and get hair and makeup done by lunch! This way, you can take your time to have the best pictures and even have some alone time with your partner after the first look. Collaborate with your venue to find the best times for your vendors to start setting up!

These were just a few tips for peacefully planning a 2023 wedding, but there are more where those came from! While planning a wedding can be stressful, it is also supposed to be enjoyable since it is a huge milestone in your life! One final tip from the VB team, if your wedding planning ever gets to stressful, schedule a consultation with our team!

We wish all of the upcoming newlyweds of 2023 an amazing year and an even better wedding!

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